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Frequently Asked Questions
Version 1 Support
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Known bugs
Frequently Asked Questions

Match! Version 1 Frequently Asked Questions

The "Frequently Asked Questions" (FAQ) provides an overview over the most common questions along with the corresponding answers regarding Match! version 1:

When trying to use/import the WebPDF-4+ database I get an error "Unable to locate ODBC driver. Please check if the selected PDF database is installed correctly and/or contact Crystal Impact!"

The ICDD WebPDF-4+ reference database cannot be used with Match! version 1, unfortunately, because the mandatory database driver library file dblib12.dll is missing in the WebPDF-4+'s 'Sybase Adapative Server Anywhere Redistributable' installer package. In order to be able to use the WebPDF-4+ please update to the current Match! version 2.

On Windows 7 64-bit, the option "Add for all users" in the "Create Reference Database" is not available.

Even if you are currently using an account with administrator privileges, this problem may occur. It is most probably caused by some kind of incompatibilty between the 32-bit emulation on the 64-bit platform and the code that checks if you have administrator privileges.
Please use the following work-around: When starting the Match! software, please make sure to do so by right-clicking on the Match! icon, then selecting "Run as administrator" from the context menu, and finally clicking "yes" in the dialog that is opened asking for verification.
You should now be able to use the "...for all users" checkboxes.

When trying to convert/index the PDF Release 2009 database on Windows 7, I get an error message like

"Error -816: this database is in use."

What can I do?

This problem is not directly caused by the Match! software, but with access rights to the directory in which the PDF database has been installed.
Please perform the following steps:

  • Open the Windows 7 Explorer and navigate to the folder "C:\Program Files" (or equivalent).
  • Right-click the folder "C:\Program Files\ICDD PDF-4+ 2009" (or equivalent) and select "Properties".
  • Select the "Security" tab, and then click the "Edit" button.
  • Select the entry "Users" in the "Group or user names" list.
  • Click the "Allow" checkbox next to the entry "Full control", so that it is checked.
  • Click the "OK" button.

I frequently get a message like

"Match.exe - Illegal System DLL relocation The system DLL user32.dll was relocated in memory. The application will not run properly. The relocation occurred because the, DLL C:\windows\system32\HHCTRL.OCX occupied an address reserved to Windows system DLLs. The vendor supplying the DLL should be contacted for a new DLL."

when running the program. What can I do?

This problem is not directly associated with the Match! software but with some Microsoft Windows bug fix problems. Please have a look at the corresponding article in the Microsoft support database and check if this applies to your system.

How can I manually load/add specific entries into the Results list (e.g. for comparison purposes)?

There are two options for this:

  • You can select the entry(s) to be added by entering corresponding criteria (e.g. the mineral name or the composition) using the "Restraints" dialog as usual:
    First, open the Restraints dialog and enter your selection criteria as described in "Database Retrieval". Once you have finished entering your criteria (e.g. mineral name) and pressed the "Retrieve" button at the bottom of the dialog, you will be informed about the result as usual. If there were no entries in the Results list previously, you can simply press "Accept" to load the selected entries into the Results list.
    If the restraints buffer (and the answer set) already contain entries, you have to decide in which way the entries resulting from the new restrainting operation shall be logically combined with the ones that are already present in the Results list. You should select "Previous answer set" at the top and "OR" as the logical operation for the combination of the previous and the new entries. By doing so, the entries resulting from the previous search-match (or retrieval) and the ones from the new one will be united in the new answer set. Finally, please press the "Accept" button.
    The selected entry(s) will be added to the Results list. If experimental diffraction peaks are present, the FoM and related values will be calculated as well. If the entry has not been found by the search-match code, it is very likely that its FoM (figure-of-merit) is rather low, in which case it can be found close to the bottom of the Results list.
  • If you aready know the entry number (e.g. PDF number) of the entry of interest, you can easily load it simply by pressing the shortcut <Ctrl+E>, typing the entry number, and then pressing "OK". (As an alternative to the keyboard shortcut, you can also select the "Load/Add" command from the "Entry" menu, or press the corresponding button in the toolbar on the upper left-hand side.)
    The corresponding entry will be added to the Results list. If experimental diffraction peaks are present, the FoM and related values will be calculated as well. If the entry has not been found by the search-match code, it is very likely that its FoM (figure-of-merit) is rather low, in which case it can be found close to the bottom of the Results list.

I am using Microsoft Vista and get an error message when trying to install the Match! demoversion. What can I do?

If a message indicating "Unable to save file: C:\Windows\Downloaded Installations\..." appears, please acknowledge (press Ok) and select some temporary directory in the corresponding dialog afterwards.

I am using Microsoft Vista and cannot run the Match! demoversion. Why?

If you are using Microsoft Vista as operating system, please note that the first time you execute the Match! demoversion, you need to do this using administrator rights explicitly. Please restart Match! by right-clicking on the file "Match.exe" in the Match! program directory (e.g. "C:\Program Files\Match"), then select "Run as administrator" from the context menu.
If you still get an error message, please update to the latest Match! version before you try again.

Each time I try to create a reference database from an existing ICDD PDF database (release 2005 or later, relational database system), I get an error message. What can I do ?

In the following, we will demonstrate how to check the required settings and drivers for any ICDD PDF relational database. We will use the PDF-2 Release 2007, so please note that you must replace "DSN_PDF2007", "PDF2007" and the directory names by the corresponding values for your PDF version (e.g. "DSN_PLU2006" for PDF-4+ Release 2006, or DSN_ORG2008 for PDF-4 Organics Release 2008):

I would like to add own diffraction data to the user database. Does this affect my PDF installation ?

No. The user database is stored independent from the PDF database in a separate directory. Match! accesses the PDF in "read-only" mode; i.e. your PDF is not affected in any way. The combination of PDF and own (user database) entries is achieved by creating combined index files, which themselves are stored in a separate directory.

Is it possible to read document (*.mtd) or answer set (*.mta) files created by version 1.1 (or later) on a version 1.0 installation ?

No. Due to the new PDF entry numbering scheme supported by Match! since version 1.1, the document structure has changed. In case of similar problems you should update the version 1.0 installation to the current version (which is free-of-charge).
Otherwise please send your comment or request to