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Endeavour Sales Point

You can purchase a license for Endeavour in our online store. Please click on the prices below to go directly to the corresponding product page in the store.

Purchase orders can also be sent directly to CRYSTAL IMPACT (order forms) from any country world-wide or to any local reseller of your choice.


License policy

  • Annual (or Semiannual) Licenses can be used on one computer only and are only valid for a certain time (6 or 12 months).
  • A Single License can be used on one computer only.
  • A Site License can be used for an unlimited number of installations within one institute or department.
  • A Campus License can be used for an unlimited number of installations within one company or university at a single site.
  • More details about our licenses as well as corresponding frequently asked questions (FAQ) are provided here.


Prices for Endeavour Software

All prices below are valid until June 30, 2024. They are net prices, i.e. they do not include any taxes, customs, or shipping costs that may be due.

In the pricing tables below, please click on the license types for more information about licensing conditions; click on the prices to be forwarded to our online store.

Time-limited Licenses Single price Reduced price [*]
Semiannual license valid for 6 months 325.00 EUR 162.50 EUR
Annual license valid for 12 months 650.00 EUR 325.00 EUR
Permanent Licenses Single price Reduced price [*]
Single license 1,298.00 EUR 649.00 EUR
Site license** 2,596.00 EUR 1,298.00 EUR
Campus license*** 5,192.00 EUR 2,596.00 EUR
License Upgrade from... Single price Reduced price [*]
Single license Site license** 1,298.00 EUR 649.00 EUR
Single license Campus license*** 3,894.00 EUR 1,947.00 EUR
Site License Campus license*** 2,596.00 EUR 1,298.00 EUR
[*] For use in academic (non-profit) institutions only!
[**] Unlimited number of installations within one institute/department
[***] Unlimited number of installations within one company / university


Delivery options and shipping costs

The default shipping method is electronic delivery: You will receive a license file by e-mail which must be applied to the demonstration version downloaded from our web page. This download package also contains the full documentation in electronic form. Invoice and license certificate are included as Acrobat Reader PDF files in the delivery e-mail. A paper invoice is available on request. There are no shipping costs for this default option.
If you would like to receive an installation CD along with a color-printed manual, there are additional shipping costs, depending on whether you are located within Europe (50 EUR) or outside Europe (100 EUR). Alternatively, you can also engage a courier service of your choice to pickup your software package at the Crystal Impact office, or let us use your customer number of any appropriate courier service for payment of the shipping costs.
Please note that shipment of a manual/installation disk package is not available for personal licenses!


Order forms

You can download and print order forms from the table below. Afterwards, please return the filled form either as a scan attached to an e-mail, by fax (+49-228-9813644) or conventional mail.

You are purchasing from... Click to download order form
...Germany Endeavour order form for commercial users from Germany of the world Endeavour order form for commercial users from European Union