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Endeavour References

Citation of Endeavour

You are permitted to publish data produced with the Endeavour software, without restrictions and without additional royalties. You can use the following reference if you like:

Endeavour - Structure Solution from Powder Diffraction, Crystal Impact - Dr. H. Putz & Dr. K. Brandenburg GbR, Kreuzherrenstr. 102, 53227 Bonn, Germany,

Recent structure solutions from electron diffraction data using Endeavour

  • Partha Pratim Das, Sergi Plana-Ruiz, Athanassios S. Galanis, Andrew Stewart, Fotini Karavasili, Stavros Nicolopoulos, Holger Putz, Irene Margiolaki, Maria Calamiotou, Gianluca Iezzi, Structure Determination Feasibility of Three-Dimensional Electron Diffraction in Case of Limited Data, Symmetry 14(11), 2355 (2022); (registering DOI).

Recent structure solutions from powder using Endeavour

  • E. Napolitano, F. Dolci, R. Campesi, C. Pistidda, M. Hoelzel, P. Moretto, S. Enzo, Crystal structure solution of KMg(ND)(ND2): An ordered mixed amide/imide compound, Int. J. Hydrogen Energy 39, 868-876 (2014).
  • Mario A. Gomez, G. Ventruti, M. Celikin, H. Assaaoudi, H. Putz, L. Becze, K. E. Leea, G. P. Demopoulos, The nature of synthetic basic ferric arsenate sulfate (Fe(AsO4)12x(SO4)x(OH)x) and basic ferric sulfate (FeOHSO4): their crystallographic, molecular and electronic structure with applications in the environment and energy, RSC Advances 3, 16840-16849 (2013).
  • E. Napolitano, Magnesium Imide: Synthesis and Structure Determination of an Unconventional Alkaline Earth Imide from Decomposition of Magnesium Amide, Inorg. Chem. 50, 1116-1122 (2011).
  • J. Beck, S. Benz, The Crystal Structure of Thallium(I) Trithiocarbonate, Tl2CS3, Z. Anorg. Allg. Chem. 635, (2009).
  • R.E. Dinnebier, B. Hinrichsen, A. Lennie, M. Jansen, High-pressure crystal structure of the non-linear optical compound BiB3O6 from two-dimensional powder diffraction data, Acta Cryst. B65, 1-10 (2009).
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  • M. Beckman, J.A. Kaduk, Q. Huang, W. Wong-Ng, Z. Yang, D. Wang, G.S. Nolas, Synthesis and crystal structure of Na1-xGe3+z: A novel zeolite-like framework phase in the Na-Ge system, Chem. Commun., 837-839 (2007).
  • D. Santamar�a-P�rez, J. Haines, U. Amador, E. Mor�n, A. Vegas, Structural characterization of a new high-pressure phase of GaAsO4, Acta Cryst. B62, 1019-1024 (2006).
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  • M. Becker, M. Jansen, Synthesis of potassium cyanamide, and crystal structure determination by pareto optimisation of the cost functions `lattice energy' and `powder intensities', Sol. State Sci. 2(7), 711-715 (2000).

Who is using Endeavour

Endeavour is used in more than 240 institutions in 40 countries all around the world as structure solution tool both in the academic as well as in the industrial area.