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New Diamond Version 4.6.8

April 2, 2022

A minor update 4.6.8 of "Diamond", our software for crystal and molecular structure visualization, has just become available. This new version has an improvement and corrects some bugs:

  • Bond labels now have 3 decimal places by default again (as before version 4.6.7). The "Bond Labels" dialog (via the "Objects" menu or the "Add" or "Edit" sub-menu of the structure picture context menu) now offers 3 or 4 decimal places as well as an improved representation of standard uncertainties in the "Format" combo box.
  • The following bugs have been resolved:
    • If you had a document with multiple structures and pictures, then clicked into the structure table and ran "Delete" from the context menu (or from the Edit menu), and then ran "Undo" command, Diamond could crash.
    • The option "Group Items" (context menu of thumbnails preview) was not available, if no thumbnail was selected.
    • When the tab bar in the (single) picture edit view was hidden/switched off, and you switched to thumbnail preview, the caption bar of the thumbnail preview was hidden, too.
    • When running "Undo" or "Redo" after one or more structures had been deleted, the (restored) thumbnails were not more grouped for structures as before.
    See also the "Known Bugs" page.

Diamond version 4 customers should use the online update function (menu "Help/Online update") or check the "Diamond Version 4 Update Page" for alternative update choices.

Diamond Demo Version and Information

If you would like to learn more about Diamond, please visit the corresponding web page where you can also download a demonstration version free-of-charge.